The Profit Centre
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The Profit Centre, a Toronto-based company, specialises in assisting the real estate industry to assess the profitability of their businesses. By providing tailored consultations, The Profit Centre enables clients to efficiently evaluate, manage, and sustain a highly profitable business.

Creative Tags has developed a solution allowing their clients to complete a simple questionnaire and obtain instant profitability reports. The service evaluates key income figures and presents them from a buyer’s perspective. Additionally, the reports include peer comparisons, providing businesses with an accurate evaluation of their standing within the industry.

Peter Mueller
Peter Mueller

It is always tricky finding the right person for the job. At The Profit Centre, we are continually looking for people to work with that can interpret the scope of work that we are developing. It is one thing to hire someone to do exactly what you tell them, and another thing to work with someone who is intuitive. Mark is that someone!!! We are so thrilled at The Profit Centre that we found him. He exceeded all our expectations. He is also responsible for enhancing the product we are developing. We are excited to continue our relationship moving forward with him on a regular basis.