Storehouse Belfast
Storehouse user screen

Storehouse is a charity in Belfast, Northern Ireland that seeks to transform the lives of those living in poverty. Their mission is that no one in the greater Belfast area should have to go hungry. Key to this is not just providing hand-outs but restoring dignity and significance.

CreativeTags partnered with Storehouse to create a fully digital system for them to administrate the organisation. The efficiency over a paper based system is obvious but they found unexpected benefits in the way it helped them interact with their service users. Support workers could sit alongside clients and show them the furniture they were being offered on an iPad screen. This allowed the client the dignity of choosing something they wanted and helped break down "us and them" barriers by getting alongside them.

  • The system records details of all interactions with service users
  • There are multiple staff roles with selective access to personal data
  • Donated furniture collections and deliveries are tracked
  • Full online shopping experience for furniture
  • Digital signatures are captured for audit trails
  • Reports and real time statistics
Signatures on the Storehouse App