Property Claims Loss Assessors
PCLA user screen

PCLA help people who need to make an insurance claim for their property. They assess the damage and deal with all the paperwork to make it as simple as possible for the claimant. Creative Tags designed a web application for PCLA to manage their workflow. Now their whole team are benefiting from being able to work on each other’s cases.

PCLA have reduced their reliance on paper and increased the efficiency of their business thanks to their new workflow App. Key information is now captured on site and PDF documents are generated automatically. Emails are pre-populated with relevant information to save staff time and improve accuracy. The status of a case can be monitored from any device ensuring the whole team are in sync.

Greg Smyth
Greg Smyth

Great service from Mark. He built a system for us which has helped our business enormously. Mark was very attentive, he designed and built something which fits very well with our needs.