MTS Sulby dashboard

MTS Sulby provide assessment, training and IT support services across Northern Ireland. Their core focus is on assisting students with disabilities. They work with several agencies and public bodies to provide a range of IT related services. MTS Sulby approached CreativeTags to develop a custom solution for their business workflow.

The increased efficiency over their manual system enabled them to take on more work without increasing staff hours. They were able to provide a more consistent service to their partners and clients through increased transparency. Automated processes led to fewer mistakes which meant happier customers. The system made it easy for other members of the team to pick up where others had left off.

  • Partner organisations submit requests through online form
  • An administrator creates appointments for onsite work
  • Appointments are synced with their Google Calendar
  • Email and SMS reminders are sent automatically
  • Aggrements are signed digitally via DocuSign integration
  • Reports and real time statistics keep managers informed
MTS Login screen