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Bees know where to go

Ever been unable to find something you know is there? A bee knows from one glance where to go for pollen. Imagine your users doing the same with your content.

Roycroft Interiors was growing their business locally from their Lisburn based retail and manufacturing shop but in 2011 they were keen to expand beyond the local market so together with CreativeTags they designed an online shop that brings their unique style to an international audience. They have launched under their brand name of CoCo&Co.

VSSCo supply vets across Ireland with an extensive range of products. We developed a B2B online catalogue for VSSCo to help them migrate from a traditional system of printed catalogues that enabled customers to fax in their orders to a more efficient model of instant ordering online. This helps them keep prices up to date and enables customers to quickly search for what they’re looking for. The catalogue is available to account holders only due to the nature of the products they supply.

Showcasing this high-technology pipework manufacturing and installation company, CreativeTags designed the website to attract and inform new clients. Designed around an easy to use content management system, All-Pipe are able to keep the site up to date themselves.